Different Needs. One Campus . . . “We’re Still Together.”

Together . . . And Happy!

Before Alice and John discovered Buffalo Valley, they were both at another health care center. John needed skilled nursing care following a stroke. Alice had other health issues, but was eligible for personal care. Home was no longer an option for the couple who had been together for 71 years, but separation was not an option either. The couple, and their adult children, began a quest to find a community that could meet both Alice and John’s needs.

They Found Buffalo Valley.

With a full continuum of care on one campus, Buffalo Valley was the perfect solution for Alice and John. The family loved the quaint town of Lewisburg and fell in love with Buffalo Valley’s beautiful campus. What really sold them, however, was the fact that Buffalo Valley’s new nursing care center is attached to the Personal Care Center – making it easy for Alice to visit John.  “I have trouble walking so I use a walker,” she said. “I would not be able to visit John if I had to go outside to get to him. And, he’s on the first floor, which is convenient for both of us!”

Effective Rehabilitation

When John first arrived, the Buffalo Valley therapy team was working with him to help him reach set goals. Once those goals were achieved, the team began to focus on his hand – John is an accomplished pianist, but has been unable to play since his stroke. The team – and John – is optimistic he’ll be able to play again. When he can, there’s a community piano waiting for him!

Peace of Mind

Alice says she is happy in Personal Care and enjoys the lifestyle. Her daughters also are happy, as it gives them peace of mind knowing both parents are in one place and are well cared for – and loved.