Care That’s Something to Sing About!

Reverend John Vought and his wife Joyce have been Buffalo Valley residents since 2002. Due to a decline in her health, Joyce currently resides in our new Health Care Center . . . where her husband says, “The care my wife has received in the Nursing Care Center has made a notable difference in her condition.

“Joyce is now looking around more and chatting more than she had before in the old building,” Rev. Vought adds. “There is much more stimulation for her to experience.” Rev. Vought also takes comfort in knowing that the design of the new center enables her room to be close to the nursing station.

Rev. Vought visits his wife daily – visits other residents, as well as the staff, look forward to because he sings love songs to Joyce in his beautiful baritone voice. He says his most treasured song selection is a recording of “sweetheart songs” that his father, an old-time New York City musician, created.

New Friendships

Recently, Rev. Vought found that he needed the services of our new Nursing Care Center. He said he most enjoyed the neighborhood setting which he thought allowed for easier socialization. “I never expected to make new friends during my stay in the Nursing Care Center,” said Rev. Vought. “But, I did and I look forward to seeing those new friends when I come to visit Joyce!”

A Wonderful Team

Rev. Vought also said he is impressed with the Nursing Care Center staff. “The team is so professional. Their patience and expertise really helped me meet my goals and helped me return to my cottage quickly and safely.” He added, “I hope I don’t, but if I ever need therapy again, I will certainly return to the Nursing Care Center.

A Loving Workout

Since the completion of his therapy sessions, his daily routine now includes pushing Joyce in her wheelchair around the center and around the campus. Rev. Vought says, “It is good for both of us – fresh air and beautiful scenery for Joyce, and great exercise for me!”